Katie Wood

Litigation Support

Katie is one of the pleasant voices that welcomes Gorham & Associates clients on a daily basis when they call into the office.   She provides litigation support on cases for individuals who have been injured through the negligence of others.  An injury can be stressful and prevent someone from performing everyday tasks.  Throughout the case, Katie stays in contact with the clients regarding their medical treatment.  She collects the medical records, bills and lost wages for the clients.  She plays a huge role in each and every client’s file that comes into the firm.  She works very closely with the attorney and clients to make sure that we follow through with our mission to provide the best client experience possible.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys riding horses, reading and spending time with her family.


Our Mission

We have to get trucking companies to stop unsafe drivers. They need to monitor driver behavior, introduce safety tests, insist on drug tests, and be strict about hours of service. There’s a very strict statistical correlation between the number of hours a trucker is behind the wheel and the number of accidents caused by that driver, and when truckers up their number of hours or take drugs to stay awake, accidents happen. People are injured for the rest of their lives, and people die.

We want to make the world safer for our children, and We want everyone on the road, from families on road trips to commuting parents to motorcyclists to carpoolers, to be safe. That’s what’s in my mind every time we take a case, every time we step in front of a jury, every time we fight to win for the greater good.

Need Help?

Whether we’re working with a tractor-trailer wreck, automobile wreck, motorcycle wreck, or nursing home neglect, our job isn’t just to get big settlements for our clients, it is also our job to look out for the greater good, and to be sure our community is safe. That’s a responsibility we take seriously.

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