Melissa Croxton

Attorney At Law

Melissa Croxton Taylor spends most weekends with her husband at the barn riding her American Saddlebred horse and teaching people of all ages how to ride a horse. The rest of her time is spent taking care of the clients of Gorham and Associates. Melissa joined Gorham and Associates after years of being the staff counsel manager and lead litigator for one of the nation’s largest automobile insurance companies. She is excited to put her knowledge of insurance companies, and how they operate, to work helping the injured. Melissa completed her undergraduate education at the University of Alabama, Birmingham and earned her law degree from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, Birmingham. Melissa served as an officer in the Army Reserve from 2001 until 2007.


Our Mission

We have to get trucking companies to stop unsafe drivers. They need to monitor driver behavior, introduce safety tests, insist on drug tests, and be strict about hours of service. There’s a very strict statistical correlation between the number of hours a trucker is behind the wheel and the number of accidents caused by that driver, and when truckers up their number of hours or take drugs to stay awake, accidents happen. People are injured for the rest of their lives, and people die.

We want to make the world safer for our children, and We want everyone on the road, from families on road trips to commuting parents to motorcyclists to carpoolers, to be safe. That’s what’s in my mind every time we take a case, every time we step in front of a jury, every time we fight to win for the greater good.

Need Help?

Whether we’re working with a tractor-trailer wreck, automobile wreck, motorcycle wreck, or nursing home neglect, our job isn’t just to get big settlements for our clients, it is also our job to look out for the greater good, and to be sure our community is safe. That’s a responsibility we take seriously.

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