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There are over 1.5 million Americans who live in nursing homes throughout the country. Each of these nursing home residents represents a person who needs help caring for themselves, as well as a family depending on the nursing home’s help. We entrust nursing homes to care for our loved ones – to exhibit a level of compassion and professionalism that we expect from those in whom we have placed great responsibility.

When care providers fail – when they show a lack of care for our loved ones through deliberation or through negligence – is when our family members become endangered.

In a nursing home, abuse, neglect, and a lack of care often run rampant. Whether it is caused by nurses who are working longer hours than they should, or by companies that assign too many patients to a rotation, or by staff members who simply neglect to exhibit basic standards of care for their patients, this nursing home abuse, neglect, and mishaps can cause injury or even death.

At Gorham & Associates, LLC, we believe very strongly in protecting our loved ones and yours. We seek to protect vulnerable friends and family by holding nursing home companies accountable – by ensuring that their misdeeds and negligence do not go unaccounted for. We have dedicated ourselves to holding care providers and their staff accountable for the deliberate decisions they make that put those in their care in harm’s way.

With your help, we can fight nursing home abuse, neglect and lack of care. Contact us to learn more about how Gorham & Associates, LLC holds nursing homes accountable for their actions and helps our clients find restitution for what their family members have suffered at the hands of these providers.

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Whether we’re working with a tractor-trailer wreck, automobile wreck, motorcycle wreck, or nursing home neglect, our job isn’t just to get big settlements for our clients, it is also our job to look out for the greater good, and to be sure our community is safe. That’s a responsibility we take seriously.

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